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March 22, 2012


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Yep that song is stuck in my head already! That's ok, I like it & love 80's music too! Live on the stuff! Quilt is looking good! Nice fabrics too!


Haha - I'm an 80's girl too and this will play happily in my head all day now. :-D Love the quilt blocks. the fabrics are gorgeous.


wow, i think those blocks are gorgeous :) full of lovely colour & the green works beautifully. look forward to seeing the end result :)


Thank you! Im definitely warming to it being workable...its busy, but thats not always a bad thing, right? hahaha


thank you - I adore these fabrics, too!


Thanks!....I spent the weekend with Radar Love on repeat in my head...oh man, why is it only ever the 80s? hahaha

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