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May 21, 2010


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I only Ashlee next weekend so am going to do my best to call over and see you at the market :)


It would be great to see you! The market is at the Casino on the 30th from 9-3...maybe we can even grab a coffee after if it's not too late?


OH I love that blue yarn! & very clever that you can make patterns. Good luck in getting them just right!


Thanks! I was so pleased with how the blue came out of the dyebath! As for the clever bit - arguably I would be a lot more clever if i could avoid doing everything at the 11th hour! lol


Good luck, sounds like fun. Busy, busy, busy!


Thanks...I'm seriously hanging out for a fabric and sewing machine fix after this though!


Ooooo! Are you going to be selling your patterns online?? :D


Yes and no - I won't be selling patterns for my baby hats at the moment, but we can definitely organise something! ;) ps I owe you an email....this weekend I promise!

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