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November 19, 2009


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Hi Jolie
I'm Sheryl or Shortly online :)

I blog over at Shortly Stitches, and came across your blog from Ravelry on the Aussie Designers group. I've been reading your blog a couple of months now. I'm a fellow Kiwi, and SAHM to three kids 12, 3, and 1.

Tangly messes of the yarn type I tend to negotiate where possible, and snip where utterly unavoidable. I've been down this path a few too many times lately, and will be tying more dividers down skeins I am dyeing in the future!!


So you know about me. I'm kinda like you... working out how to do this mum thing when a boy and girl born at the same time. And trying to squeeze a bit of creative something in between that!

Negotiate or snip? There is one answer - snip. While it's floss and not yarn, see the hair on the doll on my blog header.. that was tangled embroidery floss. Snip snip and it's hair!

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