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January 31, 2012


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Cute! Love the woven basket and hand quilting. Perfect for a kids' room.


Thanks CC, it does look good in there...now to finish (and erm, start!) the one for on Coles side!


I love this! How creative! Looking through your blog has made me want to start playing with my fabric stash again. But first I have to get my work space in order. I already have my Ikea shelves up and organized with books and baskets. Its the stuff still in piles on the floor that's the problem! Yikes!


Well, Im super impressed (and more than a little envious!) that youre at least *shelved* in there...though I have a sneaking suspicious (based on years of experience, ha!) that even the shelves arent going to prevent my piles breeding in the studio. And yes play more with your fabric!!!
(mwahahaha, the imagery of *my piles breeding* has made my inner 11 year old giggle!!!)

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