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May 01, 2011


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Ahhh tequila. Drank it once, had a great time, did really stupid things I regretted in the morning, had the WORST hangover ever, and have never drunk it again. The above picture just reinforces that resolve ;) He might achieve lift up here tonight though!

Did you ever hear from me about that great retro ashtray idea you had? I decided that you and another lady had the best ideas and I need to send you a little something!


Hi Jacqui,
sorry for the dealy in getting back to you - life exploded in my face a little! By all accounts I would Tequila definitely falls under the *it was the best of drinks/it was the worst of drinks* category...I love that everyone seems to have a tequila-specific story...one that usually ends up with them swearing off it for many many years!!!
Nope, I didnt hear from you about the ashtray, but I wasnt in the least worried...these things take time! Or at least, they do in my world! lol


Sorry to do this through your blog but I can't find an email for you anywhere. I've got the little something ready to go so I just need to know your favorite colour and an address! Could you email me at jacqui.Craig@gmail.com and let me know?

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