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March 09, 2011


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You hit their linen sale! I've been so virtuous and haven't been in there for awhile. Not since they had their big sale and I had an Xmas voucher to spend...ahem.

I wasn't really appreciating your hubby's sacrifice until you got to the bit about how much he needs/likes coffee and that is so like Mat that it put it all into perspective. And I can tell you that my husband wouldn't be waiting at a fabric store before his first coffee, nosiree! Yours is obviously a saint.


Oh that place is dangerous...and this is a sizeable stash, but I left behind 2 full rows of tables of linen...eek!!!
I was pretty astounded D was as gracious about it as he was, caffeine deprived and all. I guess that itty bitty cymbal had a very big pull!!!


That is such a gorgeous pile! I wish my man was patient like yours. Even with the promise of a 'his shop' reward wouldn't work :( I have to time my fabric shopping for childless days with the girlfriends.


Amber, I have been known to wander past just for an excuse to pet that pile!
I can only put D's exemplary behaviour down to a fluke of nature, or the planets aligning or something...I know I definitely can't remember the last time he hung around in a fabric store, never mind with kids!!! lol

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