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February 08, 2011


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Emily would go ga-ga for that! Sheesh, I need to make sure she never sees your blog or else she'll start asking me to make such cool things...


aww go on...make Em a bunny!!! I made the mistake once of telling Immy that Emily and Josh have real bunnies as pets...I think she may well have peed her pants at that! lol


Too cute! I think a couple of house buns would fit perfectly in your life. Do it, do it! As for me making one? No way would it turn out to look anything like a bunny. Sad, but true!


lol I just need to work on D then...Mahe and Cookie are not a problem - they think they're great hunters if they stumble on a dead cricket, and turn their nose up at actual meat (nothing but our cat food kibbles, thankyouverymuch!)....


absolutely GORGEOUS! I want one above my bed!!!


aww thanks! I must make a few more of these little guys, because there are a few people who I think would like them...and a small girl who keeps reminding me!

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