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January 21, 2010


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See, that ice skating on cat food was a stepping stone to true genius! :)


...and the subsequent three-different-types-of-nuts,-one-whole-bag-of-milo-and-2-litres-of-milk was *actually* their application presentation to get into MIT! lol...


The lightbulb moments are like magic, aren't they (part of the reason I love teaching). I think it is the closest we get to seeing what's goign on in their heads.

Your friend is not only gorgeous, but smart. Great advice.

And get to hear your heart singing!


The lightbulbs really are just incredible. I loved them when I was teaching too - though by the time they get to university it's all about protecting the ego and pretending you knew it all along, so the lightbulb moments were often more heavily disguised!

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